Move your website to GoDaddy (shared hosting)

If you have a hosting calculation someplace else, but you want in accordance with move it according to us (thank you!), we hold all of the information you will necessity among that article. However, even are incomplete complexities it doesn’t handle.

This information is a sizeable condition you… Do not uses it information postulate you…
Have a simple web site built the use of HTML
Want according to leave your e mail features as-is
Have FTP get right of entry to in conformity with you website’s files
Use WordPress (instead, we advise this)
Use other Web apps like Joomla!
Want in conformity with make adjustments in imitation of you e mail service
If this whole sounds bland according to you, let’s come started.

Move your website to GoDaddy (shared hosting)

Set above Your Account
After thou purchase an account, you have bought after accept it on than we understand which domain you design concerning using. We have up to expectation facts in Set above my Web & Classic Hosting account.

If you are shifting your website between hosting bills within our system, ye would possibly need after lift the domain from an current estimate and trade you historical account’s major domain name.

Downloading Your Website
If ye have a replica concerning thine website’s files, you may bypass this step.

If you don’t, you’ll need after download a reproduction about the archives beyond your present-day hosting company. Because in that place are so much potential places thou could remain hosting, there may be no path we do record theirs procedures. However, we may address up to the expectation we endorse the usage of an FTP purchaser or grant thou documentation in relation to using it (albeit together with our system) between Move my website including FTP yet FileZilla in Web or Classic Hosting.

Uploading Your Website
Once you hold the files, ye necessity after motion them besides you regional pc in imitation of thy web hosting estimate (i.e. our servers, as are on hand above the Internet). To operate this, we suggest the usage of an FTP client, although at that place are partial ignoble options reachable in conformity with you. For so much information, check oversea Move my cPanel website with FTP yet FileZilla.

Previewing Your Website
After you have gotten the content material about your web hosting account, you may need according to preview such after fulfill assured such looks good. For so much information, advise Preview you website.

Making Your Site Hosted including Us Live
If everything looks good, thou do officially accomplish the swap beyond you old army in conformity with us by using changing thine DNS, who controls which hosting account/server thy area name masses (more info). This method highly simple, but like are twins ways to functionate it, who bear special influences on thy website — namely its email.

Before proceeding, ask you yourself, “Do I seriousness such as happens after my present day e-mail configuration?”

Yes To preserve you cutting-edge email configuration, you may necessity to alternate solely you domain name’s fundamental IP address/A record. You can find the IP tackle the use of it instructions.

Once thou bear that, you may need in accordance with alternate such along the employer where your domain honor is registered. If that’s through us, thou perform uses our DNS manager (Manage DNS records).
No If you don’t seriousness where occurs to you modern-day e-mail configuration, thou can just trade you nameservers (which wish trade all of thine DNS settings). We hold whole regarding these instructions of Change nameservers because of my domains.