create a new website


create a new website

Java™ – An object oriented programming language that is used for programming web applications when you create a new website. This language is ideal because when you create a new website, it can be run on any computer platform, Mac, Windows, and DOS. You can create your own personal website for a relatively low cost.


JavaScript – JavaScript code can be included in a web page along with HTML and is easier to write than Java. However it does have its limitations if you create a church website. It can only be seen if their browser can support it (i.e. Netscape) when you create a new website.


JPEG™ – A graphics file format widely used on the Internet thanks to the high compression it can achieve if you create a website online.


Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPG™ or JPEG™) – A graphic file format, which stores images in a compressed form. GIF is more versatile and smaller when you create a new website, but JPG has better resolution.


create site web yahoo

Kbps – Thousands of bits per second is used as a measure of digital connection speed. If you create site web yahoo you are going to use much of this speed.


Kilobits Per Second (kbps) – The standard measurement of modem speed (i.e. 56k modem).Try to create site web yahoo using these slow speeds


Key Phrases – Phrases that you want associated to your website inside in search engines. Key phrases will sometimes increase your ranking more than a key word. This is what makes a custom website design so valuable.


Key Word – The words that best describe your business and website. If these words are included in the text of your web site than it will increase your ranking in search engines. Part of the work of a custom website designer is researching key words.


Keyword Weight – The number of particular keywords in your text divided by the total number of words. A custom web site designer always takes this into account


Knowbie – A person who understands the finer details of computer networking You can create site web yahoo with this knowledge.


Knowbot – An artificially intelligent computer program that automates the search for information on the Internet. This is not used by a web designer.


create wedding website

Link – Shorthand for a hyperlink. Try to create wedding website without a link.


List Server – A server providing mailing list services. This could be useful to create wedding website.


Log – The record a web site server keeps of who visits you. When you create a wedding website it’s nice to know who your visitors are.


Look Smart – LookSmart™ – Supplies their search results to multiple search engines (


Lurk – The ability to drop in on a chat room or newsgroup without joining in on the discussion.


Lycos™ – Another very popular Search Engine ( that a web designer must consider


web site to create personal website

Mail Bomb – An email message sent with the intent to do harm to your computer. this could come from a web site to create personal website.


Mail Filter – A program that enables you to sort mail before viewing it. The program can sort by address, subject and even content.


Mail Server – A central computer providing e-mail services.


Mailing List – A system to automatically distribute mail among a group of subscribers with a common interest.


Marquee – A horizontally scrolling message that moves across the screen would be a cool feature if used to create personal website.


Meta Tag – An HTML search tag that is not visible when the web site is being visited. It tells search engines the description you would like them to use in their database and the key words you would like associated to your web site and it’s content categorization. even a personal website could use meta tags.


MIDI – A highly compact file format for controlling musical instruments or sound systems. Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) this is a great tool for a personal music website.


MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mai Extensions) – The standard system for handling e-mail attachments.


Mirror Site – A replica of a popular web or FTP site set up to share the heavy load This could be a website to create personal website.


Mosaic – Mosaic™ – The first graphical web browser.


Mozilla – Mozilla™ – The development code name for Netscape Navigator, coined as shorthand for ‘Mosaic killer’.


MSN – MSN™ (Microsoft Network™) – Microsoft’s online service, content and search engine provider ( .


MUD – Multi-User Dungeon – an online interactive game-playing system, originally using Internet Relay Chat (IRC).


Mirror Sites – An exact copy of a website.


Modem – Modulator or Demodulator device internally or externally connected to your computer that allows you to connect to the Internet.


Motion Pictures Expert Group (MPEG™) – A standard for digital video and audio compression. A development from JPEG for highly compressed video encoding.


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Netiquette – Internet etiquette.


News Bots – Computer programs that customize portal sites with the information you’re most interested in. It customizes email based up the answers you give.


Newsgroups – Organized message and discussion areas grouped by subject.


Online Content Provider – A company that provides Internet services and information content, not just Internet access, for example CompuServe™ and AOL™.


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Opt-in – People who subscribe to a mailing list that have requested information.


Opt-out – People who subscribe to a mailing list that have requested that no information be sent.


Outlook Express – Outlook Express™ – Microsoft’s™ e-mail and newsreader software, free with Internet Explorer.


PDF – PDF™ (Portable Document Format) – Adobe™ format for compact representation of formatted documents.


create a small business website

Page Views – A measure of the number of times an HTML file was requested from the server.


Plug-ins – Add-in software to extend the main application. Netscape Navigator uses plug-ins to enhance web-page functionality.


Practical Extraction & Report Language (PERL) – The most common language used on the Internet to add interactivity to a web site.


Permission Marking – Using opt-in lists to send advertisements.


Pixels – A unit of picture measurement. One pixel is the size of a dot. Pixels are measured by the square inch. For example when shopping for a color printer, in the description it will tell you how many pixels of color are deposited per square inch, the more the better.


Platform – The operating system used to access the Internet. Windows 98 & 95 are the most common.


Protocol – A set of rules for exchanging data over the Internet.


Proxy Server – A security device that replaces the direct connection between a Pc or network and the Internet to prevent unauthorized access.


Push Technology – Delivering content from a server automatically. Web channels are an example and with banner create free site web.

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