Create a free personal website

Create a free personal website

Create a free personal website

Create a free personal website

E-commerce – A generic term for all forms of business transactions on the Internet and is generally not used when you create a free personal website.


Electronic Mail (Email) – A way to communicate over the Internet. A message is written, sent and stored for another person to view.


Email Address – The first part of an email address is the user’s name then the @ sign followed by the host name; [email protected] is an example of an email address when you create a personal website.


Emoticon – From emotion icon – created by symbols viewed sideways to represent an emotion, such as a smiley face J a glum face L. like when you create a free and easy website


Encryption – A program that scrambles data on a network so confidential information can’t be retrieved by an unauthorized source. Encrypted data should be stored on a secure server create a free website and hosting.


Ethernet – The most common method of networking computers together in a local area network (LAN). This method also provides faster connections and continuous connectivity to the Internet.


Excite – Excite™ – Another major search engine ( wher you can find easy to create website.


Eye Candy – Buzzword for embellishments and visual effects intended to make a free personal website more interesting.


Ezine – The electronic online equivalent of a magazine.


business create free website

File:// – The URL prefix used in a browser for a local computer file.


File Transfer Protocol (FTP) – It’s computer language, which allows you to get files from and send files to any computer via the Internet or communication software used for business create free website. A web site can be updated by using FTP.


Flame – Abusive, excessive or recurrent e-mail or newsgroup responses, often directed at an individual with your business create free website advertisng.


Form Driven Pages (FDP) – A set of HTML commands which allow a visitor to input information into pre-established fields of information. The information is then collected and sent to an email address, fax number or stored in a database

create a new website

create a new website

create a new website


create a new website

Java™ – An object oriented programming language that is used for programming web applications when you create a new website. This language is ideal because when you create a new website, it can be run on any computer platform, Mac, Windows, and DOS. You can create your own personal website for a relatively low cost.


JavaScript – JavaScript code can be included in a web page along with HTML and is easier to write than Java. However it does have its limitations if you create a church website. It can only be seen if their browser can support it (i.e. Netscape) when you create a new website.


JPEG™ – A graphics file format widely used on the Internet thanks to the high compression it can achieve if you create a website online.


Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPG™ or JPEG™) – A graphic file format, which stores images in a compressed form. GIF is more versatile and smaller when you create a new website, but JPG has better resolution.


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Kbps – Thousands of bits per second is used as a measure of digital connection speed. If you create site web yahoo you are going to use much of this speed.


Kilobits Per Second (kbps) – The standard measurement of modem speed (i.e. 56k modem).Try to create site web yahoo using these slow speeds


Key Phrases – Phrases that you want associated to your website inside in search engines. Key phrases will sometimes increase your ranking more than a key word. This is what makes a custom website design so valuable.


Key Word – The words that best describe your business and website. If these words are included in the text of your web site than it will increase your ranking in search engines. Part of the work of a custom website designer is researching key words.


Keyword Weight – The number of particular keywords in your text divided by the total number of words. A custom web site designer always takes this into account


Knowbie – A person who understands the finer details of computer networking You can create site web yahoo with this knowledge.


Knowbot – An artificially intelligent computer program that automates the search for information on the Internet. This is not used by a web designer.


create wedding website

Link – Shorthand for a hyperlink. Try to create wedding website without a link.


List Server – A server providing mailing list services. This could be useful to create wedding website.


Log – The record a web site server keeps of who visits you. When you create a wedding website it’s nice to know who your visitors are.


Look Smart – LookSmart™ – Supplies their search results to multiple search engines (


Lurk – The ability to drop in on a chat room or newsgroup without joining in on the discussion.


Lycos™ – Another very popular Search Engine ( that a web designer must consider


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Mail Bomb – An email message sent with the intent to do harm to your computer. this could come from a web site to create personal website.


Mail Filter – A program that enables you to sort mail before viewing it. The program can sort by address, subject and even content.


Mail Server – A central computer providing e-mail services.


Mailing List – A system to automatically distribute mail among a group of subscribers with a common interest.


Marquee – A horizontally scrolling message that moves across the screen would be a cool feature if used to create personal website.


Meta Tag – An HTML search tag that is not visible when the web site is being visited. It tells search engines the description you would like them to use in their database and the key words you would like associated to your web site and it’s content categorization. even a personal website could use meta tags.


MIDI – A highly compact file format for controlling musical instruments or sound systems. Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) this is a great tool for a personal music website.


MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mai Extensions) – The standard system for handling e-mail attachments.


Mirror Site – A replica of a popular web or FTP site set up to share the heavy load This could be a website to create personal website.


Mosaic – Mosaic™ – The first graphical web browser.


Mozilla – Mozilla™ – The development code name for Netscape Navigator, coined as shorthand for ‘Mosaic killer’.


MSN – MSN™ (Microsoft Network™) – Microsoft’s online service, content and search engine provider ( .


MUD – Multi-User Dungeon – an online interactive game-playing system, originally using Internet Relay Chat (IRC).


Mirror Sites – An exact copy of a website.


Modem – Modulator or Demodulator device internally or externally connected to your computer that allows you to connect to the Internet.


Motion Pictures Expert Group (MPEG™) – A standard for digital video and audio compression. A development from JPEG for highly compressed video encoding.


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Netiquette – Internet etiquette.


News Bots – Computer programs that customize portal sites with the information you’re most interested in. It customizes email based up the answers you give.


Newsgroups – Organized message and discussion areas grouped by subject.


Online Content Provider – A company that provides Internet services and information content, not just Internet access, for example CompuServe™ and AOL™.


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Opt-in – People who subscribe to a mailing list that have requested information.


Opt-out – People who subscribe to a mailing list that have requested that no information be sent.


Outlook Express – Outlook Express™ – Microsoft’s™ e-mail and newsreader software, free with Internet Explorer.


PDF – PDF™ (Portable Document Format) – Adobe™ format for compact representation of formatted documents.


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Page Views – A measure of the number of times an HTML file was requested from the server.


Plug-ins – Add-in software to extend the main application. Netscape Navigator uses plug-ins to enhance web-page functionality.


Practical Extraction & Report Language (PERL) – The most common language used on the Internet to add interactivity to a web site.


Permission Marking – Using opt-in lists to send advertisements.


Pixels – A unit of picture measurement. One pixel is the size of a dot. Pixels are measured by the square inch. For example when shopping for a color printer, in the description it will tell you how many pixels of color are deposited per square inch, the more the better.


Platform – The operating system used to access the Internet. Windows 98 & 95 are the most common.


Protocol – A set of rules for exchanging data over the Internet.


Proxy Server – A security device that replaces the direct connection between a Pc or network and the Internet to prevent unauthorized access.


Push Technology – Delivering content from a server automatically. Web channels are an example and with banner create free site web.

five Quick Ways Your Website Benefits From Blogging

five Quick Ways Your Website Benefits From Blogging

 five Quick Ways Your Website Benefits From Blogging

In this text I’m going to provide you five ways that having a blog helps your website. There are plenty extra reasons to begin a blog, but this text has to do with the benefits in your website.


five Quick Ways Your Website

five Quick Ways Your Website

1-   A weblog at the same area name, (as a part of your internet site like you rdomainname.Com/weblog) assist you to upload sparkling content material to your website without having to realize html. Fresh every day or even weekly content can keep the hunt spiders coming again more frequently. Writing your weblog posts on the topics or seek terms you want to be relevant for facilitates as well. Each blog submit will become some other website centered on your key phrases.

2-  A blog on the same domain name will also assist you increase the wide variety of pages which are protected as part of your internet site. Content is king and having a ton of relative content will growth your probabilities of drawing visitors for your internet site.


3-  A Blog on the equal area call or on a subdomain of your area call or maybe one that is on another area call allow you to reach out to capability and present customers with special gives, facts, surveys, and extra. You can upload sales gives at the fly while not having to name your internet fashion designer to add it for you.


4-  A weblog on a subdomain like blog.Yourname.Com is another manner to head. Subdomains in most instances are dealt with as a separate area name, but can deliver yourname.Com extra visitors as properly. Here hyperlink recognition additionally kicks in a bit. You of course hyperlink to yourname.Com from blog.Yourname.Com but you can additionally change links with other blogs however have them hyperlink to yourname.Com as opposed to blog.Yourname.Com. Those hyperlinks will be treated as one-manner-inbound-hyperlinks and that facilitates your web page rank, however also brings you more traffic.


5-  A blog on it’s very own area call can try this as nicely, but the link from it to yourname.Com goes to hold more weight.



   Getting the spiders to discover all your new websites.

I find that due to the fact I have numerous blogs, if I want to get my or a purchaser’s new internet site crawled through the engines like google I can do it faster with the aid of adding a link to my blogs than I can through submitting to the search engines like google. Because I update my blogs every day, the spider crawls the weblog lots and follows the hyperlinks there. I actually have seen this work for purchasing a website crawled inside three days. This most effective works for a blog that has been frequently up to date for awhile. (around 6 months or extra).

As I stated above, these are best the advantages you get from running a blog as it applies in your internet site. What I haven’t cited is that by means of building up a consistent readership on a blog, you will benefit loads of new customers. They get to recognise you and agree with you by means of studying your weblog every day.

I welcome all feedback and recommendations. There are lots of other blessings in your internet site, but the five I actually have just referred to must be sufficient to get you commenced running a blog right away!

create a professional website

create a professional website

create a professional website


create a professional website

  • Unique URL Tagging – The practice of embedding identifying code into URLs in HTML content. This allows a site to identify visitors and how often they visit..
  • Uniform Resource Location (URL) – Your websites address
  • Upload – To transfer files to a main server or remote site. Used to’ publish’ local files on a server.
  • URL (Uniform Resource Locator) – The addressing scheme used by the World Wide Web to locate web pages, files and other resources.
  • UseNet – The news prou0p portion of the Internet.


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  • V.34 – The international standard for modems operating at 28,800lps, 31,200bps and 33,600bps.
  • V.42, V.42bis – International standards for error correction and data compression for data lines.
  • V.90 – Recent standard for 56kps modems, superseding two proprietary standards, x2 and K56flex.
  • Video For Windows – Microsoft Windows format for video files playback, built into Windows.
  • Virtual Reality – Computer simulation of real or imaginary objects and environments.
  • VRML (Virtual Reality Markup Language) – An extension of HTML for virtual reality effect.
  • Visitor – One person visiting (actually entering) your website.

create a website template


  • Wallpaper – Colored or textured backgrounds used to enhance a website.
  • Watermark – A background image similar to wallpaper used to enhance a website. The most common watermark is a word or phrase in the background of a site.
  • Web Authoring – The process of designing web pages and web sites, usually with the aid of web-authoring software.
  • Web Browser – Any software application used to navigate and display pages on the World Wide Web.
  • Web Cam – A general term for video cameras (usually live) linked to the Internet.
  • Web Crawler™ – Another Meta based Search Engine (
  • Web Directory – An online database of web sites, organized by categories, often with reviews or ratings.
  • Web Host – A company, which keeps a web site on the Internet using a server.
  • Web Page – One HTML document accessible from the Internet.
  • Web Server – A computer that stores web pages and delivers them by network to browsers, on demand.
  • Website – A series of WebPages that are linked together to be viewed on the World Wide Web through any number of browsers.


World Wide Web (WWW) – Text, graphics and multimedia materials presented via a web browser, with links to other pages on servers anywhere in the world.


create design website


XML (Extended Markup Language) – A flexible variant of Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML).

Yahoo – Yahoo!™ – Still the number one web directory on the Internet at (

ZIP – Zip™ – The process of compressing/saving and decompressing file information to be sent/exchanged via computer or over the Internet

Create a Free Website

Create a Free Website

Create a Free Website

Create a Free Website


  • Backbone – A major Internet connection, carrying traffic between networks and major service providers when you create a free website.
  • Bandwidth – It’s the way that bits are transferred between the server and visitor to a web site. The most common bandwidth is a 56k modem. The amount of bandwidth affects the speed that the information is sent which can be more noticable when you create a free website.
  • Banner Ad – Small standard-sized advertisements on web pages that link to the advertiser’s site and generally provide income to the host site a feature that may not be available when you create a free website.
  • Beacon Pages – A web site that is designed to increase another web sites ranking in a search engine. The beacon page is usually a one-page site that will mimic the key words and descriptions of a web site and this could happen when you create a free website. Then the web site and beacon pages are linked together (not recommended).
  • Broadband – What a dial up 56K modem will provide is not a very fast connection and many people who create a free website may also be using this type of connection. Cable modems, DSL Digital Subscriber Lines and Satellite Signals are Broadband. They have the capability and speed to deliver great video and sound, catching on fast, and when you create a free website, might be a good idea to have..
  • Browser – A grogram that locates and interprets HTML documents on the Internet. The two most popular browsers are Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape navigator. If you create a free website you can view it on one of these two browsers

Create Your own website

  • Cache – Temporary data store (memory) used to speed up repeated access to data such as popular web pages. I you create your own website, you may want to refresh your cache every so often
  • Catchall – A programming technique when you create your own website, that directs all email sent to a particular domain to be sent to a specified e-mail address.
  • CGI (Common Gateway Interface) – Acronym – Programming system used on web servers to automate response forms, image maps, guest books and other processes that you can include when you


create your own website.

Channels – A system for delivering regular, updated content from a web site to a ‘subscribing’ browser. Update your content when you create your own website, regularly

Click Through – The act of clicking on a banner ad to visit the advertised site. Create your own website and you can begin your click through procedure

Click Through Rate – The percentage of users that clicked onto and viewed advertisements. It is used to determine the success of a specific advertisement. This is something you will want to monitor if you create your own website.

Client – When a website is being viewed the mechanism in which the site is being seen on is the client (client site). As you create your own website, you will notice this mechanism

Client Errors – The error message that appears when a bad or incorrect request is sent through the browser. Incorrect spellings are the most popular client errors when you create your own website

.com – The internet’s domain name system, the top level domain that identifies addresses operated by commercial organizations Now dont repeat yourself if you create site site web web.


create your own free website

  • Database – A file composed of records, each containing fields together with a set of operations for searching, sorting recombining, and other functions when you create your own free website.
  • Database designer – A person who designs and implements functions required for applications that use a database.
  • DBMS – Data Base Management System used by a database designer
  • Desktop – An on-screen work area that uses icons and menus to simulate the top of a desk. Designed to make a computer easier to use when you create forum site web

Dial-up Service Provider – A service provider that is accessed through a phone line and used to create free page site web.

Directory – A list of web sites. They are listed based upon the home page content. The hidden or programmable features that the entire site uses for search engine ranking doesn’t apply to directories and you might want to consider create website directory for your own site.

Domain Name Server (DNS) – A program that translates domain names into their correct IP addresses You can create a domain name here.

Domain – An area of the Internet assigned to a specific web site. Each area is assigned its own numeric IP address including a text name. For instance, if you want to create a new website for free, it’s good to start with a descriptive domain name.

Domain Name – The text name that is assigned to a web site. Each web site must have one. It is the equivalent to a phone number for your home. ( A custom website design starts here.

Doorway Pages – These are designed to increase a web sites ranking in a search engine. The doorway page is usually a replication of the key words and description of web sites. It relies on a repetition of related words and phrases to increase search engine rankings under those terms. This is a similar concept to beacon pages sometimes seen if someone create a mortgage website.

Download – To transfer a file by network or phone line from a remote server to your local computer.

Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) – A method of connecting to the Internet as opposed to a dial-up or cable access. DSL provides an immediate faster connection to the Internet than using a dial-up – it uses a high bandwidth phone line. The telephone remains functional at the same time.

Dynamic HTML (DHTML) – An enhancement to HTML that allows interactive a programmed changes to page design without reloading.


Computer Generated Information

A program that is run within the server of a web master. The program allows calculations, database management and other interactive applications to occur behind the scenes when you create your own website. The program is often written in PERL programming language.

Conferencing – Two or more computers linked to provide audio, video, whiteboard and/or application sharing at a distance, not used very oftern when you create free site web Yahoo.

Cookies – Files that contain information about the visitors web site such as username, password and what they like to buy. It is stored on the visitor’s computer and sent back to the web site that created it when called on and is not used to create a kid website.

Counter – This is a feature that can be added to a web site that indicates the number of visitors the site has received, a nice feature if you create free online website.

Cost Per Action (CPA) – This is a type of charge that is associated to banner advertisements when you create your own website. The advertiser only has to pay when an individual signs up or purchases something from the web site that is linked to the banner ad. This is not as popular as CPC as when you create dating website.

Cost Per Click (CPC) – This is also a type of charge associated to banner advertisements. The advertiser has to pay each time a visitor clicks on the banner advertisement, whether or not they sign up or purchase anything commonly observed when you create auction website.

Cracker – A person or persons that hacks into copyrighted software to illegally duplicate, alter or destroy information aided when you create web site blog.

Cyberspace – The Internet and the virtual area you are a part of when on the Net, a nice touch when create a photo web site.

Business Website Design

Business Website Design

Business Website Design

Most businesses consider a website to be an essential component of their marketing programs. A quality business website design can provide local, regional , national and international presence at a fraction of the cost of other media. The best way to have control of your financial future is to do it on your own.

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Create a website

Absolute path – A path specification to a file that begins from the topmost level of the identification of a disk drive When you create a website, you should monitor your directory path.


Access Service Provider – Also known as an ISP is a company that provides access to the Internet. There are a number of ways you can gain access to the Internet, dial-up (using a phone line), cable modem, wireless, and Digital Subscriber Line (DSL), one of the factors when you create a website. a cool Business Website Design where u you can design and chat


Active Server Page (ASP) – Dynamic web pages, generally interacting with databases. used shen you create a website.


Acrobat – Acrobat™ – A commercial program from Adobe that is used to create compressed multi-page Portable Document Format (PDF™) files for on-screen viewing in an Acrobat Reader™ ( This file type keeps all original formatting when you create a website and is popular for large document downloads.


Active Content – A generic term for all the little bits of program code and other devices that may be used to animate and enhance a web page as you create a Business Website Design.


Active Movie – A Microsoft™ applet for presenting video from popular file formats: MPEG, Quick Time or AVI. when you create a website.


Active window – When displaying multiple on screen windows, it is the window containing the displayor document that will be affected by current cursor movements, commands and text entry. this helps to facilitate the Business Website Design when you create a website.


Active X – ActiveX™ – A program language supported by Microsoft Internet Explorer, which is similar to Java. ActiveX is more invasive than Java that allows software components to interact with one another in a networked environment. The Microsoft Internet Explorer program is more popular than ActiveX; one reason is ActiveX can transmit computer viruses, not something you want when you create a website.


Ad Clicks A customer clicks on an advertising link and is sent to another site, a common practice when you create a website.


Ad Copy The text used for an advertisement after you create a website.


Address Book Software for keeping a convenient collection of contact names, e-mail addresses and other contact details part of the process when you create a website.


Adobe Type Manager – When you create a website, use software from Adobe systems that manages postscript fonts on a system.


ADSL (Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line) High-speed technology you can take advantage of when you create a website, for data links over regular telephone lines. It is faster in one direction than the other, typically up to 64-Kbps plus 1.5 Mbps


AIM – AIM™ – AOL™ Instant Messaging.


Affiliate Program – A program that Webmasters participate in as you create a website, centered on advertising web sites. The web masters drive traffic to the advertisers site. This program for the most part is very successful. if you create a website.


Algorithm – A finite sequence of steps that solve a logical or mathematical problem. Used by various search engines to sort out links by perceived relevancy, very important to know when you create a website.


Alt Text – In addition to viewing an actual image, if the visitor positions the mouse over the location of the graphic text can be added to appear before the image is done downloading. Also if the visitor has their graphics turned off the text can be seen in place of the graphic as you create a website.


Alta Vista – Alta Vista™ – A popular and powerful web search engines ( –™ – A very successful online bookstore and more at ( is a great place to find information when you create a website.


Anchor – A format code in a desktop publishing or word processing document that keeps an element in the in the document such as a figure or a caption or label associated with the figure in a certain position in the document as you create a website.


Animated GIF – A series of GIF images displayed sequentiallyin a single location, used when you create a website, to give the appearance of a moving picture.


Antivirus Program – A computer program that scans a computer’s memory to identify, isolate and eliminate man made computer viruses.


Anonymous FTP – Any FTP site accepting user login with a username of “anonymous” and a password matching the user’s e-mail address sometimes used when you create a website.


AOL™ (American Online™) – One of the largest and longest established online content providers, also an Internet Service Provider (


Applets – Small computer programs operating as plug-ins or adjuncts to larger packages when you create a website.


ARPA net – ARPAnet™ – The Advanced Research Projects Agency Network-forerunner of the Internet was created for programmers when they create a website.


ASCII -ASCll™ (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) – A 7-bit coding system used to represent letters and numbers in computers and on the Internet there when you create a website.


Authentication – Username and password-driven web sites. This is designed to allow only authorized individuals to enter a web site. (uses cookies) a handy tool when you create a website

Authoring Program – A website building program that organizes creates and publishes all the elements needed to create a website and incluces programs such as Dreamweaver and Go Live, great software when you create a website.

Auto Responder – A programming technique that will send a pre-designed message to an email immediately after it was sent.

Avatar – A character, image or symbol you choose to be your agent in an online virtual reality system when you create a website.

AVI – AVI™ – A Microsoft™ format for audio-visual files