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Most businesses consider a website to be an essential component of their marketing programs. A quality business website design can provide local, regional , national and international presence at a fraction of the cost of other media. The best way to have control of your financial future is to do it on your own.

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Business Website Design


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Absolute path – A path specification to a file that begins from the topmost level of the identification of a disk drive When you create a website, you should monitor your directory path.


Access Service Provider – Also known as an ISP is a company that provides access to the Internet. There are a number of ways you can gain access to the Internet, dial-up (using a phone line), cable modem, wireless, and Digital Subscriber Line (DSL), one of the factors when you create a website. a cool Business Website Design where u you can design and chat


Active Server Page (ASP) – Dynamic web pages, generally interacting with databases. used shen you create a website.


Acrobat – Acrobat™ – A commercial program from Adobe that is used to create compressed multi-page Portable Document Format (PDF™) files for on-screen viewing in an Acrobat Reader™ ( This file type keeps all original formatting when you create a website and is popular for large document downloads.


Active Content – A generic term for all the little bits of program code and other devices that may be used to animate and enhance a web page as you create a Business Website Design.


Active Movie – A Microsoft™ applet for presenting video from popular file formats: MPEG, Quick Time or AVI. when you create a website.


Active window – When displaying multiple on screen windows, it is the window containing the displayor document that will be affected by current cursor movements, commands and text entry. this helps to facilitate the Business Website Design when you create a website.


Active X – ActiveX™ – A program language supported by Microsoft Internet Explorer, which is similar to Java. ActiveX is more invasive than Java that allows software components to interact with one another in a networked environment. The Microsoft Internet Explorer program is more popular than ActiveX; one reason is ActiveX can transmit computer viruses, not something you want when you create a website.


Ad Clicks A customer clicks on an advertising link and is sent to another site, a common practice when you create a website.


Ad Copy The text used for an advertisement after you create a website.


Address Book Software for keeping a convenient collection of contact names, e-mail addresses and other contact details part of the process when you create a website.


Adobe Type Manager – When you create a website, use software from Adobe systems that manages postscript fonts on a system.


ADSL (Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line) High-speed technology you can take advantage of when you create a website, for data links over regular telephone lines. It is faster in one direction than the other, typically up to 64-Kbps plus 1.5 Mbps


AIM – AIM™ – AOL™ Instant Messaging.


Affiliate Program – A program that Webmasters participate in as you create a website, centered on advertising web sites. The web masters drive traffic to the advertisers site. This program for the most part is very successful. if you create a website.


Algorithm – A finite sequence of steps that solve a logical or mathematical problem. Used by various search engines to sort out links by perceived relevancy, very important to know when you create a website.


Alt Text – In addition to viewing an actual image, if the visitor positions the mouse over the location of the graphic text can be added to appear before the image is done downloading. Also if the visitor has their graphics turned off the text can be seen in place of the graphic as you create a website.


Alta Vista – Alta Vista™ – A popular and powerful web search engines ( –™ – A very successful online bookstore and more at ( is a great place to find information when you create a website.


Anchor – A format code in a desktop publishing or word processing document that keeps an element in the in the document such as a figure or a caption or label associated with the figure in a certain position in the document as you create a website.


Animated GIF – A series of GIF images displayed sequentiallyin a single location, used when you create a website, to give the appearance of a moving picture.


Antivirus Program – A computer program that scans a computer’s memory to identify, isolate and eliminate man made computer viruses.


Anonymous FTP – Any FTP site accepting user login with a username of “anonymous” and a password matching the user’s e-mail address sometimes used when you create a website.


AOL™ (American Online™) – One of the largest and longest established online content providers, also an Internet Service Provider (


Applets – Small computer programs operating as plug-ins or adjuncts to larger packages when you create a website.


ARPA net – ARPAnet™ – The Advanced Research Projects Agency Network-forerunner of the Internet was created for programmers when they create a website.


ASCII -ASCll™ (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) – A 7-bit coding system used to represent letters and numbers in computers and on the Internet there when you create a website.


Authentication – Username and password-driven web sites. This is designed to allow only authorized individuals to enter a web site. (uses cookies) a handy tool when you create a website

Authoring Program – A website building program that organizes creates and publishes all the elements needed to create a website and incluces programs such as Dreamweaver and Go Live, great software when you create a website.

Auto Responder – A programming technique that will send a pre-designed message to an email immediately after it was sent.

Avatar – A character, image or symbol you choose to be your agent in an online virtual reality system when you create a website.

AVI – AVI™ – A Microsoft™ format for audio-visual files

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