Building Website

Building Website Easy Way You can only attract web traffic if you write excellent quality articles which would leave the readers wanting more. When you get more web traffic it will mean that you will have more earnings.

You will find numerous reasons for writing articles and given below are some of the reasons:

1. Simple – Writing an article is not a difficult task. Write the articles on the basis of the subject which you are good at. You can check out the internet if you do not have any idea about a topic. When you read some content about a particular topic, it would be easier for you to write those articles on the basis of the information gathered. In my opinion, all the articles should cross four hundred words but they shouldn’t be more than fifteen hundred words. It will be difficult for you to hold the attention of the readers if the article is more than fifteen hundred words. This will lead to a decrease in web traffic. Of course, the only exception to this is if you are writing a sales page.

2. To attain a pre-targeted audience – Only those individuals (who are keen on your target) will read your articles. After getting their attention you can very easily increase the number of visitors to your site. After that, be prepared to makes sales!

3. Enhanced links – On the basis of the number of back-links, the search engines would rank the websites. You will obtain a back-link if people interested in your articles click on your link. You will have a better ranking on the search engines if you have a lot of backlinks.

4. Usually the majority of the articles that you write should allow the users to know what they need to do. They should either register on your website or buy an item or jump to another website that would pre-sell them. Most of the time, you will be given a resource box where you can convert your call to action and perhaps you can add some information about the author, i.e. you.

For me to write articles, I need to go through few articles about internet business or orchids. After reading them I will have some idea about the article that I intend to do. After that, I will check out few more articles on the subject that I want to write about. Having written the article, I will just sit back and watch my web traffic grow.

Writing articles is a great way to build traffic to your website. You can write articles three hundred to five hundred words in length. Submit them to article websites and people looking for articles related to the information you have written on they will read your article. Make sure you include a link in your article to your website. So when people finish reading your article they will click the link and visit your website.

Google AdWords is a paid advertising way of promoting your website. If you have done a Google search you will see at the right-hand side of the search results sponsored listings. Online marketers pay for this search engine results page placement.

I would recommend you to give your articles to article directories after you are done with them. The directories are considered to be the finest place to publish your articles as people can find out about your articles and website through these directories. After publishing your articles in the directories, watch your web traffic increase.

I was really astonished to discover that there was a thirty percent increase in web traffic after I started to write good articles. Search Engine Optimize your website, publish articles on article sites, use Pingomatic to notify when a new piece is published, social bookmark many articles on your site, use social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook, submit to Blog Carnivals, comment on related blogs, submit to directories, and post on popular related forums